Thursday, September 26, 2013

sheer force

Victory is mine!!

Guess who did NOT cry on his way into childwatch this morning?  WHOO HOO!!  We're getting there!  I handed him to the very nice young lady and went on my merry way.  When I came back to get him, he was giving some other kid the side eye,  I'm pretty sure if he knew how he would have been throwing down.  I'm not sure what happened,  but there was probably something that the Little Guy wanted in his mouth that the other kid thought belonged in HIS mouth.  Preschool should be fun.   Anywho, we might be turning a corner!  I may be able to work out again sometime in the next few months!

The reason why the Little Guy goes to childwatch on Thursday mornings is because his sister has the cutest gymnastics class in the world.   Picture 10ish 4 year old girls (all of whom are blond, natch.  This class takes place in the Great White Suburbia) dressed in their finest pink leotards and trying to walk across the balance beam,  or jump on a springboard.   While this class takes place I walk the indoor track that looks down into the gym and many times I have to stop myself from laughing.   Pink childsized blobs are running, jumping, twisting, and falling all over the place.  They should charge to watch it.

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