Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Happy October!

I really wanted to do a 10 on Tuesday yesterday, but by the time Andrew and I actually got to sit down, it was 9:30 and I wanted to watch NCIS.

Speaking of NCIS (spoilers! read at your own risk!) what did we all think of the Tony/Ziva relationship wrap up?  Personally, I hated it but I think I would have hated anything that didn't involve Tony and Ziva living happy ever after.   I just don't see Tony, after years and years of being not-so-secretly in love with Ziva, just getting on the plane and going on his merry way back to D.C.   This is the man who gave up running his own team in Spain so he could stay with Ziva (and yes Gibbs, but let's be real here, it was mostly Ziva)!  There's no way he'd just accept Ziva's whole "Oh I used to do bad things but for a good reason but they were still bad and now I have to stay in Israel so I can do good things again because there's no possible way I could ever go back to DC and do good things, and, oh if only my childhood friend didn't blame me for killing my brother!".   It didn't even make any sense.  And Tony accepted that?  No. Way.  No would Gibbs have accepted that when she finally called him.   He'd have been all "Ziva.  Stop."   So NCIS writers?  Yeah, you suck. 


My Little Guy has been challenging lately.   And by "lately" I mean "since birth".   He's an active kid who never stops moving, never stops getting into trouble,  never stops screaming,  never stops harrassing his sister.  Seriously,  that kid is so lucky his sister puts up with his crap.   One day she isn't going to anymore and then he'll be in for the shock of his life.   She's going to smack him into next week,  I just know it.   This morning he stole her yogurt from the kitchen table and happily sat under the table so she didn't see him and finished it for her.   He is a menace!

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