Friday, September 20, 2013

a pool of regret

Remember a few months ago when I found out I wasn't selected in the Falmouth Road Race lottery and I was all "HA!  I'll show you FALMOUTH!!!  Who needs you?? I'LL RUN A HALF MARATHON!"  I'm not really sure why I felt that signing up for a 13.1 mile race was an appropriate response to not getting into a 7 mile race.   But the joke is on me anyway because I ended up getting a charity number for Falmouth and ran it anyway!  (holla Lymphoma Research Foundation!!)

That pesky half marathon is in two weeks and to say I am not ready for it is an understatement.   I have no illusions of running the whole thing, there will definitely be a few periods of walking.   Eh, what can you do.   Oh, wait,  yeah you can train for it.   My bad.

Yesterday I went out for an "easy" 4.5 mile run.  

I couldn't do it.  

That's right folks, in a little over 2 weeks I will be running 13.1 miles and yesterday I couldn't run 4.5.   Yesterday's running fail was completely mental.  Once I get into my head I can't get out and all I could think about was how hard it was,  how tired I was, and how much I wanted to stop.   I was really upset about it,  but I'm trying to shake it off as a bad run.   We all have them and I need to be able to just let it roll off my back.   Letting go isn't an easy thing to do when I have the longest race I've ever done looming over me, but if I'm not ready mentally then I'll never be able to physically do it.  

And I have to do it,  I get free lobster and beer when I'm done!

I'm doing another quick run tonight (3 miles) and an 11 mile on Saturday or Sunday.  Let's hope I think only positive thoughts!!

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