Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Girl started soccer this week.  She's never been a huge fan of playing in the backyard since she has to kick the ball and not use her hands.  She's extremely anti the "don't use your hands" rule and I think her calling may have to be a goalie.  No one has told her that goalies get to use their hands yet, I think she may refuse to kick the ball ever again once she learns this.

This was before the game.  Even though she was smiling in this picture, she wasn't exactly thrilled to be there.  Neither was her little brother, as you can tell from his expression.  But look at those pink socks!!!  She picked them out all by herself.   Obvi.

She's the baby blue team,  #3.   That little girl in the #6 purple jersey happens to be her friend from school.  They were discussing some very important school related topics during the game.   Once in awhile one of them would run and kick at the ball.   Note the two girls in the goal in the left side.   It's important to crawl into the net to make sure there are no hidden obstacles.  Even if you have to do it during game time.

The captioin on this one is self explanatory (click on the picture to see it enlarged) I honestly don't know where she was,  probably at the other end of the field looking for dandelions.   She loves those dandelions.

I found her in this one!  Thank goodness for those pink socks!  Eventually I'm going to take my actual camera - these were taken with my iphone and sometimes it's hard to tell what my subject is.

The ultimate takeaway from her first day of soccer:  Preschool soccer is adorable.

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