Wednesday, September 11, 2013

open letter

Dear lady at the splash pad,

Honey, it was literally 100 degrees today.   There was not a cloud in the sky.  The humidity was out of control, as the corkscrew curls on my Baby Girl's head can attest.  I know it's been cool lately,  but summer was in full effect today.   You probably were already aware of this, as you took your baby to a splash park.

You also probably know you have an adorable baby girl.   She didn't look much older than 12 months, so definitely still a baby.

All this being said:  it's okay that you haven't lost all the baby weight.  No one was judging at the splash park.  Did you see who else was there?  Mostly mothers around your age.  A few grandmothers and two dads.  let me repeat:  NO ONE WAS JUDGING YOU.

So please, please, please, please,  don't bring out the jeans on a day like today.  Especially if you are going outside.  To a park with water.  You will be hot and wet and miserable.  I could see how miserable you were.  I don't blame you,  I haven't been as hot as I was today since LAST summer.

I get it,  you aren't happy with how your body looks.   Did you see my daughter?  She's 4.   I haven't been happy with my body in about 5 years.  I really do get it.   But next time it's 100 degrees with 1000% humidity please put on shorts and a tank top.   You don't need to impress the rest of us at the park.   And start teaching your daughter NOW to love her body the way it is.   She was in an ADORABLE romper thingy.   She was dressed for 100 degree weather.  It's okay to dress yourself that way too.


the chubby mom of two

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