Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hard to believe that was 12 years ago.  The actual events of the day are starting to get a little fuzzy in my memory.   I remember everything up to watching the second tower fall... after that, things are blurry.   I'm pretty sure I wandered around campus aimlessly for a few hours.  A college campus is a strange place to be when a tragedy of those proportions happens.  

Switching gears,  yesterday I decided to make use of our Y membership and go run on the treadmill.   I'd pack a bag, drop the kids off at childwatch, have a nice leisurely workout time, collect my kids and be off!


It takes 25 minutes for us to get to the Y in traffic (no, we don't go to the Y in the next town over, why would we do something like that?) and 10 minutes into our trip I realized I had forgotten my phone.   That meant no tracking my miles on my Nike + app,  no music to listen to on my run, no method of telling Andrew just how much I hate treadmills... nothing.    I was too far away to turn around so I decided to do what I could and bang out 3 miles anyway.   First crisis averted... kind of.  

We got to the Y,  I check the kids into childwatch and go on my merry way.   At least something would work out for me!

Got on my dreadmill.  Tried to run.  Crippled by pain in my left calf.   Tried to run through the pain.   Almost fell off the treadmill it hurt so badly.   Get off treadmill after 20 minutes and limped over to the foam rollers to try to roll out my muscle.

There the SAHM brigade (what's that?  I'm a SAHM?  Yes, but you know what I mean.   The perfectly tiny and blond ones who have older kids who are in school every day and have hours upon hours to themselves.  I don't like them) glared at me.  I was using one of THEIR mats to do something like USE A FOAM ROLLER ON A MUSCLE!!  Those mats are strictly for tiny blonds to work on their abs,  making sure they don't actually work up a sweat.   Sorry ladies, I don't have the cash for a tummy tuck so my flabby midsection is just going to sweat all over your stupid mats.

Anyway....  at that point I just gave up.   I still had awhile before I had to pick up the kids so I planned on getting changed and sitting in the lobby and playing with my phone until I was forced to retrieve my children.  But I was just getting my stuff out of my locker when someone walked into the locker room saying "Is the Little Guy's mother in here??  Little Guy's mother???"


Yeah,  he had been having a meltdown for 20 minutes.   They tried to calm him down,  but at this point it was time for him to leave. 

So I forgot my phone,  only ran for 20 minutes before I had to give it up,  got nasty looks for using workout equipment, and then my kid was kicked out of childcare.


Tomorrow my plan is to make sure the Little Guy is well fed, Tylenoled up (he's teething, don't judge) , well rested and try again.   But I'll just be sitting on my bum watching Baby Girl in her gymnastics lesson.  That's going to be 45 minutes to myself so the entire world better cooperate!

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