Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dr. Jeckyll and Baby Girl



My kid is crazy.  This summer has been action packed.  My kids never stop moving from the time they wake up until the time we all admit defeat and throw them in bed (literally in my Little Guy's case,  I'm too short to put him all the way down into the pack and play),  and it takes a toll on them.... well,  on my Baby Girl.   Girlfriend gets tired and cranky.   Tonight my mother and I had to drive about 45 minutes away (in traffic) to pick up my father's power washer.   You know, the one that's been broken for 2 years but suddenly it HAD TO BE PICKED UP TODAY.    We put the kids in the car around 4:20 and headed out.  

Baby Girl was dead asleep in about 10 minutes and she slept for a solid hour before we woke her up to get dinner at Panera.

In retrospect,  that may have been one of the worst ideas in the history of the world.   Eve eating the apple,  letting rats run rampant during the Plague,  Baby Girl being woken up from a nap.  It's clearly in the top three.  She whined and cried for TWO SOLID HOURS.   That's right,  more than double her naptime. 
She wanted chocolate milk.   She has never had chocolate milk and I knew she'd dislike it so I told her as much.  She threw a fit and I let her get it.   Guess who threw a fit because she doesn't like chocolate milk? 

She wanted grilled cheese.  I told her she was splitting it with her brother.   She threw a fit because I gave half her sandwhich to the Little Guy.   Guess who didn't eat a SINGLE BITE OF GRILLED CHEESE?  

She wanted to be carried.  She didn't want to be carried.   She couldn't walk because her legs hurt.  She didn't want to move.  She didn't want to sit.  

She wanted a cookie.   She refused to pick out a cookie.   I picked out a cookie and she didn't want it.  She didn't want to share the cookie.   She wanted to eat the whole cookie and then she didn't want any of the cookie.   She didn't want her brother to eat it.   She wanted me to eat even less than her brother ate.

I wanted to leave her at Panera. 

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