Monday, April 08, 2013

I can't win

Once upon a time there was a little family who lived in a little condo.  One Easter Sunday about 2 years ago,  wife/mother/female adult member of the little family had eaten her weight in chips and dip whilst celebrating the Risen Lord and decided to give Couch to 5K a shot.   She went out and huffed and puffed her way through 30 minutes of 30 second intervals.   She came home and the father/husband/male adult member of the family was all "OMG WHY ARE YOU RUNNING,  I CAN'T RUN, RUNNING IS DUMB".   But she kept at it and soon she was huffing and puffing her way through 60 second intervals.   Then one day about two weeks later she came home from her "run" and saw that her husband was wearing workout gear and he said he was going to try too.   So out he went, and came home 30 minutes later with a purple face and sweaty shirt.

Then two years later that same man has lost about 60 pounds and ran a half marathon.

Meanwhile the woman had another baby so had to gain and lose all the pregnancy weight AGAIN and is basically at the same place where she was two years ago.


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