Sunday, April 14, 2013


The first Sunday after football season ends can be sad, cold, desolate, depressing, and boring.  Especially if your season ends before the Super Bowl (tear).   This year Andrew and I came up with a consolation prize for Sundays After Football - bacon!

We never cook bacon at home, despite the fact that we both love it.   Well, that's kind of a silly thing to say, I mean who DOESN'T love bacon?  So we decided that Sunday mornings in the winter after football ended we would treat ourselves to a nice Sunday breakfast, complete with 3 bacon pieces each.   Sometimes I even make myself an egg sandwich WITH THE YOLK, which after a week of egg white omelets is a big treat. 

Our bacon Sundays are winding down,  we gave ourselves until May for bacon Sundays to help us get through the long cold winter and soul crushing freezing spring.    Two more Sundays to go!   I'll never look forward to the football season ending, but it's not a bacon Sundays should help ease the pain next year.

mmmm.......  bacon.....

Speaking of food,  we are in the biggest rut right now.   Haven't made a real recipe in weeks,  haven't tried anything new since the Great Introduction of Spaghetti Squash 2013, and just been very blah about food in general.   It's hard trying to eat healthy and still do new things.  So I asked around for some recipes and today we're making pulled pork in the crockpot.


Sorry, I just had to get that out, pork is not my favorite meat.   But if I have to eat chicken breast, pork chops (again, gag),  or turkey stir fry one.more.time,  Imma lose my shiz.   So I picked up BBQ sauce, root beer (had NO idea you could make pulled pork with root beer), and a pork but (butt?) on Friday and it's currently crock potting away.    We'll be making sliders with sweet potato fries tonight.   While I still don't like pulled pork,  I'm exited for something new.   It definitely won't be on the regular rotation - because hi, EW, pork is gross) but it should be good today.

Hmmm....  lots of pig being consumed today.   And on that note,  what is the difference between ham and pork?  Why is ham so good and pork so not good?   I know the ham is cured,  but do they come from different parts of the pig?  Pigs aren't that big,  how many different parts are there?  You know what part of the big should be bigger?  The bacon part.

Aaaaaaannd.... thanks Google:

Huh.   I forgot about ribs.   Guess what.   I don't like ribs either. 

So the ham comes from the pig's hind quarters, but the butt doesn't.   Odd, no?

Consider yourself schooled on the ways of the pig and its yummy delicious bacon and no so yummy delicious pork.

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