Friday, April 05, 2013

and the beat keeps running and running...

When it became apparent that my Little Guy was not going back to sleep at 6:15 this morning,  I waged an internal war with myself and ultimately decided to go for a run.  I checked my app and it was 39* which is less than my 40* cut off for running, but I threw caution to the wind.

When I started up my Nike + app which I use to track my runs it yelled at me and told me I hadn't run in 12 days!  Ooops.   Since it was so early and cold and I hadn't run in almost two weeks I decided to go for a timed run instead of going for a specific distance.  I banged out a 30 minute run but since I run very slowly I only managed to go 2.6 miles.   The mileage isn't impressive, but at least I exercised for 30 minutes today.  I've been on a downward spiral of eating crap and not exercising.   But at least I got up this morning and ran, it's better than nothing.   Now let's see if I also run tomorrow!

In my head, this is what I look like when I run

This is what I actually look like when I run
(to be fair, I had just run 7.1 miles in about 100% humidity)

I think in order to get the reality to look like the imaginary I need to run more than 30 minutes every 12 days!

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