Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Running is a sickness.   I'm not particularly good at it (at my best I average an 11 minute mile) and I hate every single step I take while I'm running.   But when I woke up this morning and saw that it was sunny and a lot of the snow has melted all I wanted to do was bang out a 5K.   You know, because running 3.11 miles is so easy....

However, that would have left the children home by themselves and it was cold so I stayed inside.   And my legs are protesting the two consecutive days of running I did on Monday and Tuesday.   But I NEED to run!

Craziness aside,  we reserved a minivan for a trip down to Virginia later this spring.   I am so excited to call a minivan my own for 5 days.   We will be picking up the van before Andrew goes to work the day before we leave which means I get to do drop off and pick at preschool with a minivan!!  HA!  No longer will I be the only sedan in a sea of SUVs and minivans!  Okay, for one day I won't be the only sedan in a sea of SUVs and minivans.   But I will cherish that day. 

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