Monday, March 11, 2013

hanging on by a thread

By March I'm getting desperate for some sunshine and fresh air.   I do not enjoy a snowstorm that was supposed to be 6 inches turning into 48 hours of non stop snow that dumped 2 feet on the ground.   On the bright side,  it was close to 45 degrees once it stopped snowing and I got both sunshine and fresh air this weekend.  At least snow doesn't stay on the ground too long in March!

My brother and I The kids made a giant snowman on Saturday.   We They are so talented!

He's an Irish snowman,  natch.  There's actually quite a lot of Irishness in that picture.   I'm not sure how much Irish blood my niece and nephew have in them but they are at least half Irish and my Baby Girl is also half Irish.   So among the three kids at least 1.5 of them is Irish.  There's an interesting fact for you.

Also, by "Irish",  I do mean "American whose ancestors hailed from the Emerald Isle".   I'm not sure any of them know what or where Ireland is.   Though their grandfather is an Irish citizen who has been to Ireland exactly once.   Who knew that was even possible? 

And on that topic,  if someone says "top of the morning to you" on March 17,  please respond  "and the rest of the day to yourself".   Drives me crazy that no one ever responds appropriately.

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