Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Baby Girl and I have been slowing making Valentine's Day decorations for the house.   She could care less about Valentine's Day, but we need time wasters. 

Andrew seems to think that my not-so-secret competition with my 3 year old daughter when it comes to who makes the best crafts is ridiculous.   I disagree.  I cannot help it if I do better crafts than she does!

So here are out love bugs

(I glued the eyes and antennae on both of then.  I AM THE BEST GLUER IN THE HOUSE) Which one is better,  the one of the left (yes) or the one on the right (no).  That's what I thought.   It's not even a competition anymore,  I'm just that good.

I should start pinning our crafts because why wouldn't thousands of people want to copy me?


Just a girl said...

This really kind of angered me a bit when I read it...and baffled me. I certainly hope you aren't telling your 3 year old child that you are better and making crafts then her and turning art and craft time into a competition that she could never win because she is simply too young to have developed the skills yet. I would hope that you are encouraging her artistic ability and praising her for the good job she is doing and her creativity. I would just hate to think a mother would make their child feel like they weren't good enough. Sorry if this comes across as judgmental...I will admit flat out that I am judging you because I simply don't understand at all.

Meghan said...

I can't fix stupid.

Just a girl said...

Apparently not. I was hoping I was just reading your post wrong, but from your reply you are apparently a very ignorant woman. My apologies to you and the struggles you must face in life due to this character defect. I pray that you find some way to overcome your immaturity. Hopefully the other parent in the household can make up for the damage you are doing to your child with your ridiculous competition with her.

Meghan said...

Nope, he's too busy berating our 7 month old for not walking yet. Our children are deprived of parental love and affection OBVIOUSLY. It's a good thing I'm so good at cutting out paper hearts. How else could I hold my head up high?

Just a girl said...

I'm sure you both love your children very much and are doing the best you can to raise them and I never implied that they were deprived of love, just that competing with a 3 year old over who does better crafts could be damaging to their sense of self worth whether you realize it or not.

Meghan said...

Okay you are just not getting it and I'm starting to feel badly about egging you on.


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