Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's almost here!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.   I'm getting slightly concerned about what still needs to be wrapped... but I still have about 30 more hours to procrastinate on that front.   I'm go into a wrapping panic around midnight tomorrow night.  It's all good.

We went to the Pops Holiday show last night.   I love that show and I love Symphony Hall.   I really think it's the most beautiful building in the city - well the interior anyway,  the outside isn't anything to write home about.   Google image it if you've never been.   And then buy tickets for the Pops next year because those pictures don't do it justice.  You need to see it in person.

That's us.   Taken with an iPhone using a flash about 3 feet in front of us,  hence the complete washed outness going on with it.   Also,  I had to crop my arm out of the picture because it looks funny in the original.  I'm not sure how my ARM managed to look funny in a picture,  but it did.  It was like attack of the killer arm. FO REALZ.

That's just a bonus picture of my baby girl at her Holiday Singalong.  I can't explain why this one is so washed out.   If someone wanted to teach me how to use my camera,  I'd be a willing student.

In other Christmas news, Andrew and my Baby Girl are out buying my Christmas presents.

It's December 23rd.

At 5:00.

the end.

And lastly,  here's the best family Christmas picture we have this year.   What makes is great isn't the fact that neither child is looking at the camera,  but that I was able to crop my bum out.   Also my arm looks a little weird in this picture too.   Do I have weird arms and no one told me??

Awwwwwwww..... the love each other.   For now.

Have a merry Christmas!  I hope Santa is good to everyone and there are mashed potatoes on every dinner table on Christmas night!

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