Thursday, November 15, 2012


So we all know Pinterest is good for pinning things,  not so much for doing the pinned projects.   At the time of publication,  I have 122 different pins.   I have done exactly two of them.   Though in my defense,  not all of them are projects.  I have a bunch of photography pins for reference.   Though rest assured,  I haven't read them yet.  And I have a whole board dedicated to things I want,  which is actually 6 different sapphire rings.

Of the two I've actually done,  this one is my favorite.   

Make your own cooking spray -- without the nasty additives! One part olive oil to five parts water. Shake before each use! SIMPLE! ...well now i just feel silly for ever using PAM.

You can find the original here.   I actually did this one out of necessity - we ran out of Pam and I was in a bit of a pickle.  I remembered pinning something like this so I ran to the computer and checked it out.  (spoiler alert - 5 parts water to 1 part oil.  Shake well).   And now I have homemade Pam.  Go me.

I also did this one

For microfiber couches

Original found here.   I was doubtful going into this one,  but it really works.   Who knew rubbing alcohol could be so handy?

These two I am going to do....  okay,  the pom pom ornaments I am definitely doing,  I already bought the pom poms.   The ornament wreath requires a glue gun, which I do not have.   It is also not something to do with my kiddos,  which means it is not a time waster during the day.  Therefore it goes to the bottom of my priority list.

Easy christmas craft to do with little hands

original here.  This one looks really cute and easy.  I don't have a hole punch,  but I'm certain I can put my master's degree to good use and figure out how to string some yarn through this so it will hang on our tree.

And this is the one I really want to do if I every get myself a glue gun

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Original here.  This actually looks easy enough that I could do it.   But we'll see what the final result looks like.... I promise I will post the after picture if I ever get it done!!!

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