Friday, November 16, 2012


When I saw the news this morning that Hostess is closing,  I didn't really think that I would be effected by it.  After all I haven't had a Twinkie in probably 25 years.    So I grumbled a bit about unions and mourned the loss of the Twinkie.   I went about my day blissfully ignorant.

Then I realized exactly what Hostess makes.   And I died a little bit inside.

First of all,  the best donuts in the world,  Donettes,  will soon go the way of the dinosaur.   IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT DONETTES.   Seriously.  So I haven't had these delicious breakfast treats in 20ish years.  Who cares.  They are FABULOUS.  

Two Words.  HOSTESS CUPCAKES.   What other tasty treat can you peel off the "frosting" (I'm using quotes because god only knows that that stuff really is...) and eat it later?

OMG THE FRUIT PIES.   You have never tasted happiness if you haven't had Hostess fruit pies.
I was a rink rat as a little girl.  My brother played hockey,  I played hockey for a time, and I figure skated for about 15 years (lessons and teaching). The snack bar at the rink sold these fruit pies for 50 cents  (they also sold Jax for 50 cents.  I was a happy kid).   Can you imagine how many of these delectable fruit pies I had?   Cherry was my favorite.  Natch.

I was not a Ho Ho's, Ding Dong, or Sno Ball fan,  but I know many people are were.  I am sad for them.

Fare Thee Well  Hostess.   I'm sorry the unions killed you.

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