Thursday, September 06, 2012


This morning the Little Guy and I escorted my Baby Girl to her pre-school open house.   He was not impressed and slept through the whole thing.   I almost cried, which surprised me.  My little girl went to daycare full time when she was 13 weeks old, and I thought I got all my tears out back then when I had to leave her.   But this is different,  although we always called daycare "school",  it really wasn't.  Oh, she learned things, all right.  I'm 100% positive she has more knowledge than most 3 year olds and it's because she had the best teachers we could have asked for the past three years.  But daycare is a home away from home, and school is school.  Her classroom at daycare was set up as part playroom,  part classroom, part art studio, part bedroom.   Her new classroom is definitely a classroom - it has a CHALKBOARD.  (the chalkboard is completely covered with posters and signs, because honestly, who uses a chalkboard in 2012?  That's why they invented whiteboards).  I can still remember my pre-school days and my first classroom and the whole thing made me want to cry.   There is a good chance I may cry when I leave her on Monday.   I'm sure the Little Guy will sleep through the whole thing again.

Right after Open House, we went to the Little Guy's 2 month appointment.   He's a huge monster baby.   14 pounds 5 ounces and 25 inches long.   We don't have the exact percentiles,  but it's right around the 50th.   So I guess it makes him completely normal, but to me he's HUGE.  I'm taken aback when people comment on how little he is.  

So I officially have a pre-schooler and a huge monster baby. 

I feel like yesterday I was in college.

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