Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

Don't forget to Labor today!  Or don't Labor.  I don't know,  Labor Day never made an sense to me.    It's just a long weekend that signals the end of summer (tear) and relish making. 

Relish Day 2012 has come and gone.  (no, it's actually not relish.  It's sweet pepper piccalilli? maybe?) I found a new use for it this year - mixed into chicken salad.  OMG.  How have I gone 31 years without putting the relish into chicken salad? 

We had a mini photo shoot (and my camera was NOT on automatic!  But I didn't actually touch the settings at all, so it may as well have been).   The intent was to get a few good pictures of the kids for the Christmas card - one of the outtakes is this month's header.  I don't know if we will end up using what we took,  but we did get a few cute ones.   I grabbed a bunch of pictures of Baby Girl when we were trying to figure out the best lighting.  We never did figure out the lighting situation,  but this is one of my favorite candids of her.

I love the dark blue color of the water (yep, as most of my pictures are, this one is SOOC.  The color is real).   It screams of Falmouth in September.  We always say we will enjoy more September weekends down here, but we never do.  By the time September rolls around it's really time to get back to the real world and paying attention to everything we've been ignoring since Memorial Day. 

263 days till Memorial Day Weekend!

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