Thursday, September 13, 2012

crafty kid

After a morning of swimming lessons,  bike riding, and two hour naps (the aforementioned nap unfortunately took place in the car!)  Baby Girl and I pulled out our box o' art supplies and I tried to teach her how to do a tree with fall leaves using finger paints. 

this is mine:

This is hers:

I'd like to point out that mine is way better.  I actually made leaves on my tree.  Baby Girl started to make leaves and then decided that it was more fun to just smear everything together.  Andrew keeps giving me a LOOK when I point out (quietly, natch) that mine is totes better.  Apparently I shouldn't be getting as much satisfaction out of doing a better finger pain tree than my three year old did.   Whatever, mine is good.  Hers is not.  Fact, not opinion.

She did a few more trees and we did handprints and other fun stuff. 


OMG, she kills me when she mixes all the colors together.  Like it really hurts me.  I see all these colors mixed into a brown muddy mess and I cry a little bit inside.   (notice that I don't do that.  I make nice pictures. I WIN AGAIN!)

My Little Guy woke up at the end of art time and I had him touching the play dough (never too early to start those sensory activities!).  These are his little toes - I tried to get the whole foot, but the toes came out better!

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