Saturday, August 04, 2012

Happy August!

I cannot believe it's August 4th already.  It makes me sad how quickly the summer flies by.  I really need to live much further south.   Oh well,  we still have another month of warm weather and beach days ahead!

Speaking of the beach,  Baby Girl started her swimming lessons at the beach last week.  The program is more for kids to get used to swimming in the ocean (no child of mine will be a pansy about the ocean!) and less about training kids to be the next Michael Phelps Ryan Lochte  Missy Franklin (and can we take a minute to reflect on the fact that Missy Franklin hasn't even entered her SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL?).   I do like that the lessons are forcing me to go to the beach a few times during the week.   My Little Guy even made his first beach trip at 5 weeks.  His older sister was 11 months before she made it to the beach.   I fear if I have a 3rd child (not.happening.)  the kid will be at the beach the day we are discharged from the hospital! 

I gave up on C25K.   I just got sick of it,  so yesterday I just went for a run. I did 2 miles - which I was proud of until I realized that at this time last year I was doing 7 miles.   I need to keep plugging away at my 2 miles and get back up to a 5K and I'll be happy.  I don't have any races on the horizon so I don't need to worry too much about my mileage right now.   I do want to find some race though - I'd love a 10K sometime in the fall but I can't find one that is convenient and not uber expensive!  

I will be doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving though!  I just need to find one...

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