Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer TV update

We're halfway through summer now (which means we're getting close to fall TV!) which means summer shows are in full swing.

Bunheads - I will watch anything Amy Sherman-Palladino puts out.   Especially when she re-uses Gilmore Girls alumni in the new shows.  The acting on Bunheads makes me cringe,  but hey - its on ABC Family,  how good does it need to be?  The writing is Gilmore Girls worthy,  but I'm not convinced Sutton Foster has the ability to pull off AS-P's Sorkin-esq witty dialogues.   Lauren Graham, she is not.  Also, I think she show would be much better if they could bring Cameron Hubbell back to life.

Beverly Hills Nannies - okay, so I'm watching a lot of ABC Family this summer.   Eh.  I mean, I'll watch it.  But Kristin is just a bitch, and there's only so much of her bitchiness that I can take.  And why on earth did these families agree to be on the show?  But now I kind of want to hire a gay Australian Manny.

Royal Pains - I love this show,  but the whole Hank Med/Hank Med 2.0 was really  getting to me.  Evan R. Lawson is the best part of the show (and Hank Med) and Hank was seriously starting to piss me off.  I'm a week behind so I don't know the current storyline.   I'm glad Boris is back up to his mysterious ways and that Jill is gone forever.   I want to move to the Hamptons after every show.

I am so excited for the Olympics.   There will be something to watch on TV for the next two weeks!   I'm kind of over Michael Phelps though...  and I'm not loving any of the gymnasts.   But I'm sure that I'll get caught up in something!

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