Saturday, August 11, 2012

Posting has been light lately since I have been separated from my computer for most of August.   I will continue to be separated from it sporadically.   The children and I are spending a lot of time down the cape, while Andrew is going back and forth.   He has deemed it necessary that HE takes the laptop with him.   This all adds up to far fewer posts from me. 

As much as I don't want to think about it,  fall is coming.   Which means I need to get ready for fantasy football!  I did a mock draft last night and I think I did well - Andrew started to lecture me on picking my defense and kicker too early.   He likes to wait until his last two picks to get them.  I'm not a believer of this way of drafting.  Sure, the kicker yields very few points,  but defense? Games have been won or lost because of defense so why would you wait till the very end to pick it?   I like to pick mine up after I have filled all my other starting positions  (and my back up QB which is another thing Andrew and I disagree on). 

But I ended up with Aaron Rodgers and Matty Ryan, the Eagles D,  and a whole bunch of other guys of varying degrees of skill.  We'll see how the real draft goes. 

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