Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm feeling hot hot hot!

And I love it! 

The one downside to summer babies (of which I have two) is that I cannot enjoy the heat and all the summer fun the way I want to. A few  I stayed home while the rest of my family went on a boat ride and ended up over to the Vineyard.  Today, instead of being at the beach, I am inside in the AC while I watch the world have fun in the sun.

Next year, child - we will be at the beach every second of every heat wave!   Even though in my experience 1 year olds don't love the beach.  He'll have to adapt quickly.

I made this Pioneer Woman pasta salad recipe this past weekend.    I didn't have any parsely though,  so I skipped that step.  I didn't miss it. I enjoy pasta salad that does NOT have a mayo based dressing,  and this one was ab fab!  One does get a little sick of the Italian dressing after awhile,  but I admit I had my doubts about lemon juice and oil  (oh,  I don't every have EVOO in the house.  waste. of. money.  I used regular and it was fine).   I should learn never to doubt the Pioneer Woman though.   And she didn't even put butter in this recipe!
I forgot to put it in a bowl before transporting it to the party,  so it ended up being served in a meat marinator (this one -you know, the one that everyone and literally their mother has)

Nothing says class like serving pasta salad in a container that's designated for raw meat. 

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