Saturday, July 21, 2012

running man

I started up with C25K today.  Apparently when you take 11 months off from running and have a baby in those 11 months,  you can't pick up where you left off.   So back to Week 1 Day 1 for me.   In the program my app uses (which is basically C25K, but I'm guessing for legal reasons it's slightly different) W1D1 is jog 45 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 45 seconds,  walk 60 seconds and repeat 5 times. 

The actual running part wasn't so bad - even I can run for 45 seconds at a time!  But I was having so many other issues,  I just wanted to be done.   I was wearing an old pair of yoga pants, and they were NOT designed for running.   They kept falling down, so I was constantly yanking them back up.   I'll give you a minute for the visual -  a woman who gave birth less than 4 weeks ago, so everything is still slight jiggly and I wasn't in great shape before pregnancy - pulling up her pants every 5th step.  Cute. 

If there are any other nursing Mama's starting to run - let me give you a word of advice.  Double up on the sports bra.  Holy hell was that uncomfortable!

So tomorrow I'm going to fix the pants/bra situation and try again.  I know I'm supposed to go every other day, but I think I can handle running for 45 seconds without a day of rest in between!

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