Monday, June 11, 2012


In an attempt to get ready for the Little Guy's impending arrival,  we got the rest of the crap baby gear out of the attic.

Oh my god.

I knew what was coming down,  but I guess I didn't remember how much freaking room it all takes up.   The swing isn't even put together yet,  but we have already run out of room in the living room.

Among a million other things that need to get done in the next 28 days until my due date,  I still have to clean up the bouncy seat,  clean the baby tub (and remember where we put it when we weren't using it.... that thing is big!),  find the musical part to the mobile,  find the extra base to the car seat (seriously, how do you lose a Snug Ride 32 base?  Those are not. small.) and install both bases,   wash both Boppy covers, and dig the Boppy itself out from the depths of the linen closet.... oh, and apparently buy more bottles.   Because I threw the ones we used for Baby Girl away.   Apparently I thought my second child deserved new bottles.  WHATEVER.   Good thing we won't be using bottles for awhile, because now I'm adding things to the bottom of the to do list and I don't expect to get to the current bottom of the list until about August.

I cannot have this baby early, I just don't have time.   And the week before my due date I also have no one to watch Baby Girl if I do go into labor, so I either have to go TWO weeks early or go all the way until my due date.   I'm not sure which one would be better! 

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