Thursday, June 21, 2012

Century 21

I got a pedicure today at a local nail salon.   After I was done,  I went to pay and saw a small sign behind the register "do not put tip on credit card".


Well, sorry lady,  I don't carry cash.  I have never carried cash.   I was born in 1981,  which means by the time I was handling my own money,  debit cards were king.   While I can recognize cash,  I'm not quite sure what to do with it...  how to you figure out where your money went if you can't track the purchases?   What do you do with all those coins?  How do you know if you have enough cash for what you will be doing?

Anyway,  my point is I don't carry cash.   Therefore,  I cannot give anyone a cash tip unless I plan ahead.    And to be honest,  I'm not a fan of cash tips - I have to pay taxes on 100% of my income,  I'm not really sure why anyone else thinks they don't have to, just because a portion of their income comes from tips.   You'll get no sympathy from me.  I'll tip you 20%,  but I don't feel bad that you have to pay taxes on it.

So we're back to my already completed pedicure, and no way of giving a tip.   The choice was now in the lady's hands.... I can either NOT leave a tip,  or you can suck it up, let me put the tip on the card, and pay your taxes on it.  

I'll let you guess which one she picked.

Note to self,  find another nail salon!

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