Sunday, June 24, 2012


M!y baby girl turned three yesterday.    She had a small family party,  but this was the last year of that.   She had been asking me why her friends weren't coming to her party and if she could have a jumpy.   I barely got away with cake, ice cream, and sandwiches this year,  next year it will be some overpriced playspace with pre-school friends.   But at least I won't have to clean up!

We now have to find room for some more toys,  which means it's time for the bi-annual cleaning out of toys en la Casa de O'G!   I must harbor some hoarder tendencies,  because I have a hard time with the Post Birthday and Post Christmas cleaning of the toybox.   I'm always convinced the toys that she hasn't touched in 6 months are secretly her favorite and it will destroy her to get rid of them.   I had finally decided to bag up all the stuffed animals that she never plays with and wait to see if the Little Guy is more into stuffed animals than she is.   The minute after I came to my decision,  she started playing with the stuffed animals.   Kid,  we live in 881SF of hell,  you can't keep every toy you have accumulated since June 23, 2009!

This was Baby Girl's birthday cake.   You are mad jealous,  I know it.   The frosting was as good as it looks.  I love Roche Brother's cakes - in fact, my wedding cake was from Roche Brothers 

So happy third birthday Baby Girl!  You have turned into a smart, curious, talkative, and imaginative pre-schooler.    I can't wait to see what the next year brings us! 

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