Tuesday, June 19, 2012

almost there

I'm 37 weeks and 2 days.   I'm considered full term, so if I went into labor right this very second, they wouldn't stop it.   The little dude can arrive whenever he wants.  

Unfortunately it doesn't seem as if he wants to arrive any time soon.   I haven't dropped at all and there are no signs of labor approaching.   I never really thought I would go early,  I didn't go a second early with Baby Girl,  but I am hoping.   I'm ready little man! 

The house.... well.... the house is not so ready.   But on the plus side, we do have a bassinet set up - which is key since there is currently no mattress in the crib, and the car seats are installed.   And I have a random assortment of clothes and diapers.   So I'm sure he'll be dressed and diapered for at least a week or two.   I will be nursing him,  but I think I have a free sample of Enfamil in the kitchen so if for some reason I am kidnapped or some other such tragedy and I can't nurse,  he can eat for a few feedings and give someone time to run out and buy formula.   So maybe we are slightly more ready than I thought.

I've blocked out how awful those first few weeks of nursing are....  I know that they suck,  but the actual pain, crying, frustration, crying, soreness, crying, and overwhelmedness  have been erased from my memory.   I guess that's a good thing?

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