Sunday, May 06, 2012


Yesterday was a long day and we didn't get home until 8:00.   Baby Girl went straight from being asleep in her car seat to being sound asleep in her bed without so much as a momentary wake up while Andrew was bringing her up three flights of stairs.   We had big plans of lying on the couch and watching some more of season 2 of Downton Abbey  (I know I'm behind on DA and this isn't new to most of you,  but really?  Anna and Bates?  Gross.   He's like 30 years older than Anna.   Also, William?  You can totes do better than Daisy.  From the 'just sayin' category)

I went into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of juice and as I was putting my glass down, I found something that shouldn't be there.  

Maybe it's a speck of dirt, maybe it's just dirt, please be dirt PLEASEFORTHELOVEOFALLTHATIS HOLYBEDIRT

Guess what.   It wasn't dirt.    Our very own Mickey the Mouse had left his calling cards ON MY COUNTER.    Gross gross gross.

Andrew also went through a brief period of denial.  He tried to tell me it couldn't possibly be from a mouse because they were too small.   I know that he knew what it was,  so I let him work through that on his own.   Everyone needs a little bit of denial when it comes to field mice in your home.  I know that field mice are little and tiny and probably the least gross kind of of mice there are,  but still.  EW.   He finally submitted to reality when we found that Mr. Mouse had been in the pantry (but luckily only got into one Fiber One Bar!)

So at a little past 8 last night we got to undertake the pleasant task of cleaning out the kitchen and going through every piece/container/box of food that we have.  We found some more tell tale evidence that Mickey had come to visit,  and I'm pretty sure I used an entire spray bottle of Lysol with bleach on every surface in the kitchen.     And for good measure,  an entire bottle of disposable wipes.    But on the plus side, the cold virus that my family cannot shake must be gone from the kitchen after all that bleach!  And our pantry seems much more organized now that we have all of the granola bars,  Fiber One bars, rice, (basically everything that isn't in a hard plastic container already) in new Tupperware boxes!

So I bleached my kitchen for a few hours last night,  how was your Saturday night? 

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