Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In case anyone was wondering,  we still have not caught Mickey.   In fact,  he is mocking us by walking around the glue traps and eating the peanut butter off the snap traps without setting them off.  Jerk.

* Possible spoiler alert for Mad Men * does anyone know why Don hit the elevator button and then when the door opened he stuck his head in the door and saw that there was just a big hole with no elevator car there?  I really did not understand the point of that scene.   Then again,  most of Mad Men goes over my head.   And I'm undecided on whether or not I liked Rory Gilmore  Alexis Bledel's character.

On the way home tonight I thought about having pork chops and broccoli for dinner and I kind of wanted to drive my car into oncoming traffic.  Normally we roast fresh broccoli with some lemon and garlic,  maybe some soy sauce.  It's good,  but it's literally the only way we ever cook fresh broccoli.   I knew there had to be another way to cook it, and I had to find it because I was going to lose my mind if I had to eat roasted broccoli again.  Neither one of us enjoys broccoli that's even the slightest bit soggy (steamed broccoli would have made me actually drive into oncoming traffic,  not just kind of want to) so I was on a mission to save my dinner.  And my sanity.

With the help of Google and Allrecipes.com,  I did find a pretty good recipe - basic,  yes,  but it left me with non soggy broccoli that wasn't roasted with lemon and garlic.    Which was pretty important tonight since we didn't have any lemon.

My culinary skills are lacking when it comes to fresh vegetables.  I can roast,  I can steam (though I really don't like any steamed veggies, they get mushy and then I gag), and I can cut them up and eat them with lots of sour cream dip.   But apparently the latter isn't the "healthy" option.   I'm excited to have another way to cook broccoli.    Next up - fresh brussel sprouts!  We current only have brussel sprouts if they are frozen and microwavable,  but fresh vegetables are just so much better that I really need to figure out how to cook them.

Here is the recipe,  in case you also are looking for a non-soggy and non-roasting broccoli recipe.  Just so you know,  you do have to blanch the broccoli - but what is more fun than giving some broccoli an ice water bath?   Also,  I think it called for way too much Parmesan cheese,  I only used 2 tablespoons and it was plenty.

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