Thursday, May 10, 2012


I follow my Alma Mater on Twitter.   Random aside - How does one get the job of being in charge of social media for an institution?  Because I could totes update the Facebook, twitter,  instagram, foursquare (I don't really know what foursquare is, but I'm sure I could figure it out...) as my full time job.

Anyway,  I follow Saint A's on Twitter.   Last night was the last day on campus for most of the current Anselmians as finals end today.   The tweet went out asking alumni what they had done on their last night on campus.   I thought back to that night 9 years ago (NINE.YEARS.AGO) and tried to remember.   Oddly enough for that motley crew of college friends,  we didn't sit around all night and play asshole trivial pursuit.  We all piled into cars,  drove over an hour away to Hampton Beach and watched the sun come up.   I have no idea WHY we did this (clearly none of us had finals on the last day),  but we did.  I don't know why we did most of the things we did in college,  but I think that's half of the point of going to college.   I don't know why we thought film canisters (remember film?) were receptacles for beverages,  why walking in the o-zone at night was a good idea,  why on earth we ever drank fuzzy navels,  why any of us thought a liberal arts degree would help us in any way,  or why I didn't travel more when I had the chance.   I wouldn't go back and do it again,  but if I could choose a few random days and nights here and there... 

Now I need a moment to process the fact that I could have gone to college two times over plus an extra year thrown in there in the time that has passed since graduation! 


Anonymous said...

It was metaphorical. You were watching the sun rise on your post-college life. Incidentally, why can I remember what we did on YOUR last night of college, but not on MINE?

Meghan said...

because you probably did normal things like study for finals and consume as much fries and ranch as possible. Not drive an hour away for no reason!