Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I had to pick up Baby Girl from school yesterday - a task which is normally Andrew's responsibility.   Because this is not Baby Girl's normal schedule, and girlfriend hates deviating from her normal schedule I was harassed the entire way out of the building.

"Mama, how you pick me up from school?"  (she meant 'why'  instead of 'how'.  For reasons unbeknownst to us, she has confused the two words)
"Where's Daddy?"
"How he has to work late?"
"Can Daddy meet us at home after he goes shopping?"  (she refused to accept the fact that he was working late and insisted that he was shopping)

By the time I got her into the car and buckled up,  I was already sick of the questions.  She didn't like any of the answers I was giving her anyway,  so I told her we would listen to some music.   She would have none of it and kept up the interrogation.   Except after she stopped questioning me on Andrew's whereabouts,  she moved on to some things I had no idea how to answer.  Well, I know the answer, but no clue how to explain it to a two year old. 

"Mama, it's almost dark out."
"well, we still have a few hours of daytime"
this answer earns me a gigantic sigh, as though I clearly do not understand when the sun sets
"Mama, where does the dark go?"
"Um.... well.... it goes to the other side of the world"
"The other side of the world?"
"Yes, when we have sun, they have dark"
insert massive eye roll here,  since I'm obviously the dumbest person in the world. She's not buying the other side of the world answer.
"Mama, what happens to the trees when it's dark time?"
"Nothing sweetie, the trees stay where they are at night"
she glared at me for this one.  Apparently the trees move around at night and I'm supposed to know this? 
"Oh.  Mama,  what happens to the trees when it rains?"
"They drink the rain"
"But Mama, how do they drink their milk?"
"trees don't drink milk, only little girls drink milk"
"Mama, that's SO SILLY!"
again with the massive eye roll

Yes,  it's quite silly that trees don't drink milk.  Also,  I don't think I'm sad that I don't pick up from school every day.  I think I would go insane if I was reminded how stupid I am every day on the ride home.   Andrew claims that they don't have those types of conversations on the way home.  I guess I'm just lucky!

I'm not sad that the Little Guy won't be able to talk for a few years....

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