Sunday, April 29, 2012

quick shot

* I'm a day and a half early with May's picture,  but better early than never... or something.

* Baby Girl developed a strange fear of slides and we don't know why.  She usually loves slides.  I think she's just tapped in the head.

* It's really time for me to get back to Storm of Swords or Clash of Kings, or whatever the hell the 3rd book in the Game of Thrones series is.  It's not a good sign that I can't even remember the name of the book that I'm reading.   I got really frustrated with the lack of progress that Ayria seems to be making and a I took a few months off.   Bad idea.

* My book club book for June is Moloka'i,  which I cannot find at Canton public library or Boston public library available in ebook format.  That is driving me crazy, I don't like to pay for books!  Meh!  (it looks really good though,  here it is)   Just the cover makes me want to go to Hawaii.

* After the June book club,  I will be able to join the rest of my friends in the required vat glass of wine everyone else enjoys while discussing the book gossiping.   I'm excited.

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Andrew said...

That wasn't a fear of slides, it was full fledged PTSD. I only wish I knew what had caused the trauma in the first place!