Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hey Hey we're the Monkees!

Oh Davy,  so sad.  I know technically I am too young to remember the Monkee's,  but my brother and I watched repeats of the TV show in the early 80's and we loved it.   And who doesn't love Day Dream Believer? I actually saw him perform live at Saint A's during parents weekend.   We'll always have the Dana Center, Davy.

We haven't had any sort of accumulation since October 2011.  Today is March 1, 2012 and as you can see, Andrew had to clean off the car this morning before he left to drop off Baby Girl at school.  There may be an inch out there!  Oh, this horrible New England winter!  

I shouldn't make fun of the winter,  New England winters really are awful but we somehow lucked out this year.  Last year was brutal and next year could be too.    Baby Girl was SO excited to bring her snow suit to school today,  and I put her snow boots on to walk to the car... that wasn't quite necessary as the inch of snow had been shoveled,  but who am I to interfere with a 2.5 year old's love of the snow? 

So, it's March 1st.   Spring is almost here,  though you would never know from the weather outside.   Realistically when you live as far north as I do we don't get actual spring weather until May,  but March 1 is a little bit closer to that! 

Question for the moms of younger kids:   Shohuld I get a Rock and Play?  They didn't exist when Baby Girl was a baby so I obviously didn't have one with her.   But it just looks so convenient... and people rave about them.   I've heard one complaint:  it can be hard to transition the babies to a crib or basinett because they aren't used to sleeping on flat surfaces.  I was thinking it would be good to bring to the cape as well, to give me (hopefully) a better place to put him while I'm running around after his sister.   So what do we think?  yes?  no?  


Andrew said...

Thank you for waiting until my rear was no longer hanging out the passenger side door as I tried to start the car and pop the trunk. Much appreciated.

Meghan said...

maybe if you tried to start the car and pop the drunk from the DRIVER'S side, you wouldn't have shown off your rear end to the entire condo complex....