Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday brain dump

I have a lot rolling around in my head right now.  I must get it all out or there will not be enough room think about what I want for dinner (I'll give you a hint: not pork chops)

* Dr. Seuss would have been 108 today.   I have to admit,  I'm not a huge Dr .Seuss fan.  I try to talk Baby Girl out of reading those books if at all possible.   And I still remember being forced to eat green eggs and ham in pre-school.   GAG.  I'm not sure how I didn't throw up. 
* Army Wives starts on Sunday!!  WHOO!   I can't remember how the last season ended...   a quick wikipedia search is telling me:  Claudia Joy has difficulty dealing with the way people are treating her and Michael; Joan finds it tough to bond with her adopted son, David; Roxy's truck stop nears completion; and Denise helps Tanya to cope with life without Jeremy. Michael reveals that the 23rd Airborne Division is being disbanded leaving Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxy, Pamela, and Roland nervous about what the future holds for them now.  So, more of the same.   More of the same AWESOMENESS! 

* Trapper Keepers - are they or are they not simply binders?  Why were they SO COOL?  All I remember, and all I see in the photo below is a binder with a folder.  Am I still just bitter because I wasn't allowed to have one at school? 

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