Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday night

Andrew and I are going ahead with our April Friday Night PW Recipe (I'm aware that Friday is still March, but sometimes we walk on the wild side like that) and are going to make this and this.

What I find amusing about this is the Mexican Rice recipe was originally posted in November of 2009 and the Quesadillas were posted in May 2010.   I never would have made them just from reading the blog, even though her recipe posts make me want to eat everything she makes.  But for some reason now that I have her cookbook, I'm all "BRING ON THE FOOD!".   I'm loving this cookbook,  it's actually getting me to make these recipes that I normally just drool over.

(Um, Ree.... even I can tell the lighting is not right in this picture!)  Mmmm....  We will most likely use canned pineapple and skip the cilantro,  but still.   Yum.  

Too bad it's only 8:50am on Thursday and I have to wait two more days!

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