Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday... Funday?

We have big plans today.   Home Depot, Lowes, and maybe Bed Bath and Beyond if we have time  (no, really.... we actually may not have enough time for BBB).   Winter Sundays are just so exciting. 

I re-read my Santorum post and I notice so many errors... the last sentence doesn't even make sense.   I'm not fixing it though.   That's what Santorum does to me - makes me so crazy I can't even see or type things correctly.  

Anyway.   Santorum.  Enough of him.   (for reals..... enough already.  Go home)

The Oscars are on tonight.   I'll watch for a bit,  but since all the Hollywood types seem to think that just because you live on the East Coast then you must go to bed after midnight on a Sunday night,  I won't see much of it.    I've only seen two of the movies up for Best Picture and only seen two of them (Moneyball and The Help).  To remind you,  these are the movies that are nominated.

The Artist
The Descendants
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Help
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Llife
War Horse

I would like to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close..... other than that, I'm not really into any of them.  The next movie I see will be the Hunger Games which I am so excited about.   Had the Little Guy been a girl,  there's a good chance her name could have been Katniss Everdeen.   

Speaking of the Little Guy,  I was at Marshall's yesterday and I went over to the children's section to look at some summer clothes for Baby Girl.   I searched through the racks for 10 minutes, but didn't find much.  It wasn't till I have halfway out of the store until I realized I also need to look for little boy summer clothes.  Whoops.   As a second child myself I am determined to not treat this kid as your typical 2nd child,  but I am already forgetting to buy clothes for him.   That can't be a good sign of things to come.    But I have gone though the Spring 2012 Mini Boden catalog and picked out an entire wardrobe for him (that he could fit into in about... 18 months) so I'm ignoring him completely..... kind of.   Sorry Little Guy...  I feel for you,  I'm a 2nd child too.  We can commiserate together. 


Unknown said...

"I've only seen two of the movies up for Best Picture and only seen two of them" ...?

...say whaaaaat?

Meghan said...

That would be an example of me not proof reading. It happens, pretty much on every post. Lazy.