Sunday, February 05, 2012


On Andrew's suggestion,  I tried Google + to edit my picture for February.   It will have to do since after April I can't use Picasa anymore,  but I'm not 100% thrilled with it. I fully admit Google runs my life (I use gmail,  Blogger even though I like Wordpress better,  Google Docs,  Picasa...)  I just don't like Google +.   I'm pretty sure Facebook is second when it comes to running my life and I'm fine with that.  I don't need Google + as well,  but now I have to use it.   And I can't put fun images on my picture,  like last month's super cool firecracker.    I really need to get Photoshop but since I have a next to useless computer that probably can't even run Photoshop,  I'm  not about to spend the money on it right now.   I have to buy it before my mother retires though, since she gets a teacher discount on it and she'll never need it for herself.

That also brings us to the actual picture.   I've already admitted I've been awful about taking non-iPhone pictures lately,  so I had nothing to use for February.  I did take my camera down the cape yesterday,  but I never got to the beach to take some winter scenes.   I went through that past year's winter photos but they were all very snowy.   Since it hasn't really snowed yet this winter and I would love to keep it that way,  I'm not about to jinx myself and end up with a blizzard. 

In the end I picked a picture from early April last year.   I like to remind myself that spring is coming!   Poor Baby Girl could not understand why we were down the cape, but NOT going to the beach to swim.   We kept driving by the beaches and at one point Baby Girl said  "is that the beach we are not going to?".    Poor kid.  I had to keep promising the next time we were down there we could play on the beach - which now means I can't go back to the cape until May-ish when it's at least warm enough to run around on the sand.    She certainly is my little beach baby!   She is so unlike me in many ways,  but we do share a love of the beach.   My perfect beach day involves margaritas and trashy novels though... I'm pretty sure hers includes me taking her swimming 8765 times and making sand castles all day. 

But for right now it's February and cold.   But the Patriots play in the Superbowl today!!! 

Let's go Patriots!!  Add another one! 

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