Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1.  I am dying to break out my Cricut again.  I've been horrible about taking pictures though;  I didn't even bother to start a 2011 scrapbook.  I will have to do the baby's first year scrapbook, so I MUST get better about that. 

2.  Alcatraz.  Are you watching?  I really like it,  but that is usually the kiss of death for shows.   Everything I like gets cancelled.   I haven't seen any ratings for Alcatraz yet,  but please watch it so it stays on the air.   The man behind it is the same guy who created LOST and there are a lot of similarities between the two shows.  But Mr. Abrams has promised this will not be as hard to follow as LOST was - which is good for me because I'm not sure I completely understand what happened on the Island.   (We have to go back Kate!  We have to go back!)

3.  Super Bowl!   Is anyone else redic excited for the Ferris Bueller ad?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

4.  Pretty soon we will know if  Lil Sibling is a boy baby or a girl baby!  Last night the idea of keeping it a secret.   Andrew was intrigued, if not completely on board.  I think I can get him here by Monday.   We'll see.

5.  The cravings have arrived.  I can't say I was missing them.  IMMA DIE IF SOMEONE DOESN'T BRING ME A BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWHICH IMMEDIATELY.   Pay no attention to the fact that my northern Eupropean taste buds can't handle the spiciness of buffalo sauce.  I NEED IT.

6.  Recovering from quadruple bypass surgery seems to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.   And I figured it wouldn't be easy.

7.  I can't believe its only Tuesday,  does anything else think that time is absolutely standing still these days? 

8.  Picnic is going away.   Picnic is a free photo editing site and it's how I make my headers every month.  Anyone know a free photo editing site that will allow me to do basic edits,  including text?  I don't need much, but I need something!

9.  I have a coupon for a free dozen eggs and I pretty much cannot wait to use it.   Friday cannot come soon enough.   Free!  Eggs!  I also have a $1 off Eggo Waffles coupon this week and they are B1G1! 

10.  I'm a nerd.


Andrew said...

Most of the features of Picnic should still be available through Google+.

Yes, you are a geek.

Meghan said...

I said nerd. You're a geek.