Tuesday, February 07, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1.   Baby Girl has had 3 accidents in the past 24 hours.   I'm not thrilled about that,  but I'm more concerned with figuring out WHY she's doing this,  because I swear it's on purpose.   We were at a restaurant last night and she told me she had to go.   I took her right away and she didn't go.   5 minutes after we got back to the table, she had an accident.    And it's not just in public that this happens,  she did it today to Andrew when they got home.    Enough with the laundry, Baby Girl!

2.  I'm ready to get Netflix again so I can stream things for Baby Girl because if I have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one more time,  I may lose my mind.

3.  We did our federal taxes and we owe.   I'm not happy about that.   We have the mortgage deduction,  daycare deduction,   the child credit,  student loan deduction,  AND WE STILL OWE!!   But the Commonwealth of MA is giving us a hefty refund of $11.   I can't promise to not spend it all in one place,  because I bet it will be turned into breakfast from Dunkin Donuts.   Thank you  Massachusetts for making me pay $11 more than I owed.  And then giving it back to me.  AND THEN MAKING ME PAY MORE TAXES ON THE $11 NEXT YEAR. 

4.   Also,  because of Andrew's fancy new car,  our excise tax is $250.   And we don't live in a state where excise tax is tax deductible.    The excise tax on my car is only $30.   I think I need a fancier car.  

5.  I hate excise tax.    I know we have to pay taxes to keep the country running.  I get that.  My mother's entire salary comes from tax payers.   But excise tax really grinds my gears.    I ALREADY PAID A TAX ON THE CAR WHEN I BOUGHT IT!  And the gas that is used to make the car go is taxed!  Why am I paying another tax on it??? 

6.   I swear,  I'm not some weird tax-hater who is going to sue the federal government for making me pay taxes.   I just get riled up when my excise tax and my federal taxes are due around the same time.   Don't call the IRS or FBI on me.   I'll pay.   Begrudgingly. 

7.  I had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure Lil Sibling is healthy and all that jazz.   I have never encountered a more uncooperative child.   Kid would NOT change positions and it took the ultrasound tech an hour to get the pictures.  Then she admitted defeat and had the doctor come in try for the remaining views.    The doctor couldn't get the right pictures either,  but after reviewing an hour's worth of pictures,  she decided everyone is healthy and happy.   

8.   Baby Girl is getting a Baby Brother!!!!!

9.   Baby Girl is not impressed with the idea of her little brother.

10.  I am winning Powerball tomorrow night.   Just so you know.

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