Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog!

I hate how Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has taken over my life.   I truly hate that show.   Hate.  Not dislike,  it doesn't just annoy me,  it's not one of those shows I can tune out.   I really despise that show. Alas,  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can be found playing on my TV probably 2 or 3 times a day.    Sucks.

Andrew was away this week on business and took the laptop with him.   I have only been connected to the World Wide Information Superhighway via my phone.   That has been trying to my soul.  

So to catch up:

* A picture of Whitney Houston in her casket?  Really?  That's so creepy... I don't want to ever meet a person who will take a picture of a dead body in a casket.

* While we're on the Whitney train,  why are people so offended that there was an out pouring of Whitney Love when she died?  Yes,  she was a drug addict.   Yes, one can make the argument that she brought it all on herself.   But why all the hate?  Why be so upset that other people care about the death of a pop star,  who was on top of the world in years past?  I just don't get it.   All those stupid Facebook pictures showing soldiers and Whitney saying who the real heroes were just annoyed me.  No one is saying that those who are fighting for our country aren't heroes.  But you know what,  it's okay to like pop culture too.   I can be sad at the loss of a talented person and still support the troops.   I'm not sure when that became mutually exclusive, or why people think they are better than the rest of society because they don't care about pop culture.   I don't care about baseball,  but you don't see me all up in arms when people get upset about fried chicken and beer in the dugouts and not about soldiers dying overseas.   Get. Over. Yourself. 

* I always knew there was something not right about BU.   Glad to see BC won the Beanpot again this year!  Go Eagles!

*  I have 85 more work days until my maternity leave. 

* I want Elizabeth Smart's engagement right.   But I'd hate to be Elizabeth Smart,  so if I could just get a ring that looks like that,  that'd be ab fab. 

*  I don't believe Caterina Scorsone is 30 years old.  I'm 30 years old and I don't think I look nearly as old as she does.  I don't think I look young,  but I don't think I look this old:

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