Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Really Paula Deen? 


You have been cooking and promoting  food that is really really really bad for you for a long time.   It's really a shame you developed Type II Diabetes,  but you were diagnosed three years ago.   And yet you continued to show people how to follow in your foot steps?   That's awful.

You didn't have to be a spokesperson for diabetes,  though it would have been nice if you were.   But the fact that you went on with life as usual,  told people how to make DONUT HAMBURGERS, and pretended everything was hunky dory?  No.  Not cool.   And only coming forward when you are being paid to do so by Big Pharma - even worse.   If you want everyone to know you developed Type II Diabetes,  why didn't you say something three years ago?  Why didn't you develop recipes that were healthier and diabetes friendly?  What, do you not think there is a market for that in the US?   You waited until you were going to be paid for it.  Classy.

Not that I ever watched your show before,  but you'll probably now be put on the list of people who are Not Allowed On My TV,  which includes Peyton Manning (though he can probably come off now, since he and I have a lot in common when it comes to playing professional football) and Sarah Palin.   

I rarely watch Anthony Bourdain either,  but I might have to now! 

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