Monday, January 23, 2012

2 more weeks

I have an anxiety problem that I learned it from my mother.   We both tend to have anxiety over issues that don't need to be given a second thought.  I have been known to have anxiety over TV character's problems.   I lose sleep all the time over the silliest things.  Given all that,  I have a VERY hard time watching the playoffs of any sport (if by "any sport" you mean football or hockey.   Basketball doesn't exit in my universe and I just can't stand baseball).  And now I have 2 weeks to re-live the last Pats/Giants Super Bowl match up.   I may not sleep for 14 days.   I am so excited my boys are back in the Super Bowl! 

In 15 days I find out if Lil Sibling is a Lil Sister or a Lil Brother!  Yay!  I can decide on a name (HA, like I'm going to tell you) and start buying blue clothes if I need to!   I have a very strong boy feeling but I had the same thought when I was pregnant with Baby Girl,  so we can see how good I am at that whole mother's intuition thing.

Speaking of Baby Girl - guess who is potty trained!  One accident in 11 days!  And to be honest, that accident wasn't completely her fault,  the bathroom door was closed and she didn't know what to do  - apparently asking one of the 6 adults who where around for help didn't cross her mind.   Special, that one.

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