Thursday, January 26, 2012

I can't find my marbles

We're getting ready for a Life Changing Event here at Casa de O'G,  mainly the addition of the 4th member of our little family.   Part of the preparation is living on Andrew's salary as much as we can (another part is me drooling over the Beco Gemini.  drool.  want.) in order to boost up our savings.   He does earn a liveable wage,  but we are used to having two incomes and we're quite spoiled.  I don't want to tell you the amount of money we have spent on take-out over the course of our marriage.   Living on one salary has had its share of challenges,  mainly accepting the fact that we can't go out to dinner once a week and I can't drown my work sorrows in Italian subs and wine anymore.   I've been more stressed out and full of rageful hate at work because of this unfortunate turn of events.

We don't have any ink in our printer, and I'm still not convinced that using a coupon to buy something I wouldn't have bought in the first place will save me money so I'm not couponing (yet.... once I get some ink and someone explains to me how spending more money saves me money, I'm sure I'll join in on the fun).   I am, however, watching sales quite closely.    I have two main spreadsheets,  one to track the weekly specials at my local grocery stores (of which there are only 3.   Sad... No Market Basket,  Trader Joes, or  Price Chopper near me!) and the other to track what we are spending on a particular item over the long term.   I live for Thursday when Shaw's and Stop & Shop release their weekly flier.   Hannaford and Target don't release theirs until Friday and Saturday respectively.    Every Thursday and Friday night I can be found sitting at the computer going over the fliers (does anyone actually use the paper ones anymore?  what a sad waste of a tree) and updating my spreadsheets.   I'm sure you are very jealous of my super cool life.

It may not be the most fun way to spend 25 minutes on Thursday and Friday nights,  but I have cut our weekly grocery bill from $100-$120 per week to around $75-$80.   If I can sustain that saving and keep the grocery bill to the $75-$80 range,  I can save in the ballpark of $1500 PER YEAR.   That's a lot of money that I didn't need to be spending before. 

That's like 190 Italian subs.

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