Wednesday, January 18, 2012

have you heard the news?  Have you read the tweet begging for a job and a place to live because his wife booted him out of a house and a job?   Dooce and her husband split up.   Since I don't know them personally,  I can't say I saw that coming,  but I was actually shocked to read about it.    I'm always shocked when celebrities get divorced (if you can even call Dooce and her whiner husband celebrities) - I'm still waiting for Brad & Jen and Nick & Jessica to get back together.   I'll admit, I was even surprised when Kim and what's his name split up after 30 seconds,  I figured they'd at least make it a few more months.   I'm apparently very naive -

So sad,  Dooce. 

Other sad news - Wikipedia is down for 24 hours,  but not really because Wikipanion still works on my phone.  My senator is voting against SOPA (or at least one of them is,  to be honest I'm not really sure Kerry is even in Washington anymore, you never hear from him).   You should get your Senator to vote against it too.

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