Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reign Supreme

We're coming up on the last bit of regular season of fantasy football.   Guess who has clinched a playoff position?  Oh, yeah, the same person who is in 2nd place (though I have more points than the 1st place team, which is infuriating).   The same person who beat Andrew (TWICE!!  HA!!! SUCK IT!!!!),  my brother, and my father.   Oh,  and my cousin, and my brother's friend,  and one of my father's friends...   Yup.   Me.    I am the best fantasy football player IN THE WORLD!  Or the second best in my league, however you want to look at it.   And I may only be in 2nd place because I got the first round draft pick and I grabbed Aaron Rodgers,  and this particular league gives a lot of points for quarterbacks.   Or it may be because I am the BEST FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!! 

Since I have been MIA from the blogging world lately,  here are a few things we need to go over:

1.  Occupy Boston (or wherever you live).   GET. A.  FLIPPING. JOB.   Seriously.   Stop living in tents on public property.  Stop being a waste of space.

2.  Penn State.   Sad.   Disturbing.  Lesson learned?  Call 911 when you see a child being abused.  I wouldn't think this is a lesson that needs to be reviewed.

3.  Demi & Ashton.   Is it wrong that I kind of want Demi and Bruce to get back together?

4.   My kid had her Christmas pictures taken.  Not a single smile.   I'm still using them for Christmas cards though,  you've been warned! 

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