Thursday, November 03, 2011

5 minutes

I have maybe 5 minutes before a certain co-dependent toddler realizes I'm not watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her.   I'm relishing the silence.   Well.... if you could Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing in the background as silence.

We lost power for a few days after the random snow storm we got on Saturday.   I was less than thrilled with that.  We had to leave and go  to my parent's house on Sunday, which meant I had to leave for work from Quincy,  which ultimately means I have to be out the door by 6am.   INHUMANE.

But we are back in our house, we all seem healthy,  and I bought two more Christmas presents today.  Life is good.

Yup,  I bought two more presents!  HA!  I AM THE BEST CHRISTMAS SHOPPER IN THE WORLD!!!

And on of of them I found a 10% off coupon plus free shipping.  So something I thought was going to cost about $31 actually cost me $23.

Oh,  and I used a 30 cent manufacturer's coupon (that got doubled) on Chobani, which Stop and Shop had on sale this week.  So that means I got  9 Chonabi's at 40 cents each!

I'm waiting for Extreme Couponing to knock on my door to make a show about me. 

I know,  no new November picture.   I'm still undecided.   In  few days,  I promise.  It takes a really long time to edit the picures - this computer is practically an antique and doesn't move quickly!

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