Thursday, September 15, 2011

you ARE the weakest link!

(mmm... 2003 reference...)

I think Parenthood is getting the axe from my DVR lineup.   I watch TV to be entertained,  not to be stressed out.
There are just so many problems with this show.  In no particular order:

*  Amber:  really?  AWFUL haircut aside,  REALLY?   You are like 19 years old,  but somehow you have enough money to get your own apartment and live on your own.   WHATEVER LORELEI GILMORE.   And Amber?  You're mom is right,  you really do need a fridge.
* Hattie:  OH MY GOD WHY DO YOU HAVE PERMED BANGS?  no,  really,  why did you do that?  Your plot line is passable. Barely.
* Adam:   I'm sorry,  I have enough work stressed on my own.  I don't need yours.  And oh my gawd,  is it 1964 and I missed it?  "I don't mind if you work".... WHAT?  First of all,  does that happen?  I'm not lucky enough to get to stay at home with my kid,  but I would if I could.  However,  if I was working because I wanted to,  not because my mortgage holder wants me to,   the last thing I would be looking for is my husband's approval.   It's 2011.  Women get to work if they want to.   (also,  some women have to work even when they would rather be home with the kids.  See: MY LIFE).   So your drunken ramblings allowing Cristina to work made me want to watch whatever your biggest competition is.
* Crosby:  The whole "I don't have a clue how the world works, but I want to go into business with my brother" storyline is lame.  
* SwimFan (I can't remember her charater's name):   Buying children is creepy.  Don't do it.   For reals.

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