Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am so excited that the fall season of TV is starting!

Parenthood started last night,  but it comes on after I go to bed so I haven't seen it yet.   I'm going to try Up All Night which premieres tonight,  and everything else starts in the next two weeks!

Along with Up All Night,  I'm going to try Pan-Am and The Playboy Club.   That's in addition to my other regulars:
the aforementioned Parenthood
Law & Order: SVU  (though I may not follow through with it without Stabler and limited Benson)
Greys (natch)
Private Practice
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
The Biggest Loser (but I'm not thrilled with Anna Kournikova as the new trainer, so we'll see)

I know, I know,  it's a lot of TV.   But what else are you supposed to do at night in New England during the winter?  

Plus,  I'm only halfway committed to Parenthood and Private Practice.  

What did we do before DVRs were invented?

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