Saturday, September 17, 2011

this is your life

They "I don't really know who "they are) are re-paving our road.    The pavement was not new when we moved in about 5 and a half years ago and has only gotten worse.   We leave near an industrial park (are you jealous?) and we have 18 wheelers and other trucks up and down the street 6 days a week.   The road was barely paved anymore.   We were overjoyed to see that our road was being torn up.

Until this morning. 


The trucks are quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings,  and there is no traffic from the offices within the industrial parks.  I guess I can understand why they felt it was a good time to pave,  but holy god.   There are three different condo complexes on our street.    From my best estimate I would say there are probably 450 units on this street.   Let's just assume there is an average of 2 people per unit (one of the complexes is comprised of townhouses and there are a lot of families in them),  which brings us to 900 people trying to sleep on a Saturday morning.


My girl is now glued to our window staring - they have finished grinding up the road and flattening it down.  It's the beginning stages of pouring the new pavement, and there are 4 18 wheeler dump trucks parked outside our window doing god knows what.   It's a toddler's dream,  but not Mama's.   Mama wanted to sleep.

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